Elements of Good Design


An ideal web design is just the same as a good standard design. However, there are distinct elements that are only applicable to web design process. If you basically have the idea on what makes up a good and appealing design, you will certainly be able to execute the rules in your own and exclusive web design. Elements of good and attractive design do not only apply to web designing. Even if you are working on a business card, t-shirt printing and more, there always be essential design elements that need to be considered in order to come up with desirable and satisfying results.

Before anyone can come up to effective and successful web designing process, they first need to have an idea on what design really means. There are many different definitions of design in general but when it comes to web designing, design means formally means the factor that makes a site appealing and inviting. This also pertains to the over-all image or look of a site or individual online page. Design for some refers to the icons and images needed by a site in order for this look good and function well.

Web Design Process: Determining the Parts of a Site that Need to be designed

Elements of designs must be incorporated the right way because if not, website can never look and work the ideal way you want it to be. Before focusing on designing your website, it is highly essential that you are able to pinpoint which particular part of your website really needs to be designed. These parts include the following:

  • User Interface-designing the user interface is synonymous to creating an exclusive structure on how a site must be intellectually perceived. The design process also includes aspects like metaphor or theme of the site.
  • Visual Elements-visual elements include layout, styles and colors. Designing a site’s visual element is like working on the over-all feel and look of the site.
  • Site Structure-this is another part that needs to be designed accordingly. You are actually working on how the website will be built.
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Essential Elements of Design

Design elements are considered as building blocks and these elements are expected to make page each page that you plan to build. Individuals need to be familiar with the following elements in order to end up with powerful and stunning web pages:

  • Linework and Lines

Lines include rules and borders that can be vertical and horizontal. This aids in delineating spaces around particular elements on the web pages. Linework is responsible for increasing the design’s readability.

  • Shape

Most web pages got rectangular or square shapes however, pages really do not have to display these shapes at all times. You can utilize images in generating shapes within the designs.

  • Texture

This element provides designs with feeling of surface. Web pages’ texture is entirely visual. However, you are also allowed to utilize artificial or natural textures to achieve the desired effect.

  • Color

This is one of the design elements that majority of web designers is familiar with. Adding the right color can enhance web designs.

  • Direction

This element is responsible for giving motion to web designs. Sense of direction or movement is evident in most designs.

Getting yourself familiar with these elements is a great help in order to create web designs that will surely capture the interest and attention of site visitors.

CSS – What is it?


With the tough competition in the online business, it is essential to have a more developed and improved web designs. This is so vital that it helps in giving additional style into the content and at the same time in gaining more clients. In terms of improving the presentation of websites, most web developer used CSS or Cascading Style Sheet. This is used mostly in separating the content of the document from the presentation. It covers fonts, colors, margins, lines, height, images, background, and other many things.

What are the benefits that CSS can give?

  • It can control layout even if it is just a single or many documents from just only single style sheet.
  • Because of the separation of content from the presentation, the owner of the site can easily reuse the content in doing different things such as conversion of text into a speech.
  • The layout control can be even more precise.
  • Can allow applying of layouts to different types of media.

Sometimes, there are several people who still ask about the difference of CSS to HTML. Actually, the difference between the two is that HTML is used to structure the content while the CSS is responsible and used to format structured content. CSS is so important that it provide the web designers with the better opportunities to have a great designs and layout. Through this, the separation of the style from the content of the document makes the maintenance of websites a lot easier. With proper separation, it can help improve the accessibility of the content and give web sites a much more flexibility style. Aside from that, this also helps in the control of the specification of the characteristics of presentation. This also lowers down the repetition of the content structure and allows many pages to share formatting.

CSS became really useful because apart from separation of content, it also allows the presentation of mark up pages in different styles in different ways such as in print, on screen, Braille-base, tactile devices or even by voice. The main priority of CSS is to determine which style rules can be used if there is already more than one rule that matches in some of the element.

CSS is independently design to be applied in the mark up language of the documents. But, the truth is, it is used together with the HTML and XML. The maintenance of the specification of CSS is being maintained by the World Wide Web (W3C). Through the use of CSS, the web designer gives the mere chance to help in the improvement of web sites. With this, the web owner and the web browser are both benefited. Having a sophisticated layout and designs are the ways to create web traffic and at the same time having a good content is made easier for the browsers to easily understand the content of the page. It just really proves how CSS offers great benefits especially to the web designers who are the responsible in improving web content.

Trends in 2014 Web Designs


Websites are one of the essential things that are used when in search of many things. Through this, searching for business, people or products become much easier. Nowadays, many people are using internet in terms of buying and selling and even in terms of looking for a job. Websites are so useful that it plays a very efficient role in the lives of many people.

Great web designs can be helpful in gaining lots of clients online. It is significant to have a good design, imaging and graphics so that it can be appealing and attract the interest of many people. Web designs are not all about the layout but it’s the overall content of the website, on how it can able to give information and become useful to many people. At present, the competition in the online business is becoming even tougher. That is why web designers are getting in hand to help website owners with such problems in improving their websites.

What are the trending web designs in 2014?

  • Flat design- this have become more popular because of the newly release designs of the Apple phones, using it as a web design is even more fun because of its updated look that can attract the clients.
  • Text with videos- people can easily understand the content and the information that your web want to say about if there will be a video to watch. Through the use of videos, the people can see the overall content of the web and at the same time it will become easier to produce and share it to many people. Videos cannot just be posted on your website but on some social media as well.
  • Visual effects- websites which have beautiful visual effects can truly encourage the clients to read and to explore more of your websites.
  • Using info graphics to represent the data- presentation can become more attractive with the use images, and that viewers can easily understand the content if they will see it through the image. With just a small piece of images it can give a large information of data, it’s not just attractive but informative as well.
  • Emphasising the content- readers will be encouraged to read a website if the content of it is arranging in a way that it is easy to read. Highlighting the important details and using a good font style and text are the best designs that can arouse the interest of the readers.
  • Improved newsletter design- readers can be more interested in the content of your website because of the creative and more exciting newsletter.

Choosing the best web designs is the key to gain more readers and clients. With the overall content and the attractive design of the content, you will surely become one of the most visited sites in the online market. In creating a web design, it is better to match it with the products or the content of your website. You must also consider the needs of every client and that is to get better information about your site.

Tips for a Successful Web Design


Nowadays, most people are using the internet in almost every day life. This truly proves how useful it is because of the great offers that it provides to many people. If you are in a search for business, people or products, the best thing that will help you to do so is the websites. Most people who own an online business usually use websites for the customer to easily find them. Through it, searching for something is easier and even faster, but sometimes, there are also several things to consider in order gaining more clients online and that is with the proper use of websites.

  • Design- In order to have many clients online, it is important to create a design that is unique and attractive to the eyes. A good design is so useful that sometimes it can boost the interest of the clients to buy your products or anything that is offered by your website. You don’t have pay an expensive design for your website. It’s just that you must think of a better concept that will make it unique and at the same time, it should fit with the services that you are offering.
  • Fonts and typography- For the clients or the people to enjoy reading the content of your website, it is essential that the fonts that you will use are those that are easy to read. The information that the people should know about should be in highlight form so that they can easily see it and at the same time, they will be more interested on you if the content of your website is written. In the way, that it is easy to understand as it was written in an informative manner.
  • Graphics and images- Choose those that are appropriate on the services that you are offering. These should be appealing on the eyes and at the same time can attract the interest of the clients.
  • Accessibility and Usability- When creating a website, the very first thing to be considered is how to make it more accessible to many people. Remember that not all the people that are visiting your website are the same. That is why you should create a website that has a text that is easy to read. This should contain all the information and should be very helpful and useful to many.

These are just some of the things that you need to do in order to have a successful website. Remember that the competition in the online business is so tough. That is why you should be competitive enough to be one of the best visiting websites. You just not have to consider the design of your website but also its overall content should have all the information that the client needs to know and at the same time, it should be useful for everyone. You will gain a lot of clients online if you will give a good services and best offerings.

Web Design Software


Majority of web designers prefer working on what they see is what they get editors for the reason that these provide visual interface to designs. However, finding the most reliable and efficient is more than just what these editors can do. Aside from software, there are more other tools needed in building ideal web pages.

Before getting started with web design, you need to determine first the right software or tool that you really need. This is to ensure that all your efforts will be supported and you will be able to achieve the results you desire. The choice of software to use during the web design process can make or break your site it is advisable to be very careful when choosing one.

Choosing the Best HTML editor and Software

If you are trying to come up with better decisions with regards to choosing the best HTML editor or software for you, you can assess and consider the many different options available for you. However, you need to makes sure that the software you are going to choose will work perfectly according to your needs and requirements. Some ideal options you can consider that can help you with web design are as follows:

  • Windows HTML editors
  • Macintosh
  • UNIX HTML and Linux Editors
  • Online HTML editors
  • HTML editors ideal for mobile devices

It would be best to make extensive research and comparison in order for you to come up with the most informed decision as far as choosing web design software is concerned.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying HTML Editor

When building web pages, one might think that it is not really essential what type of editor to utilize. Writing HTML in your MS Word is allowed and you can utilize tools on your exclusive hosting provider. HTML editors are available in two forms, the text editors and the “What You See is What you Get”or WYSIWYG editors. The things you want to facilitate can somehow influence your choice for particular editor. These editors come in different price range and there will always be an editor for particular price range that will surely work perfectly for you.

WYSIWYG Editors-these editors are easy to use and most beginners choose this one because they can get new web pages instantly. These editors provide greater design flexibility but many individuals who are into web design would agree that these cannot create perfect looking websites. The most interesting and advantageous part about this editor is that you are really not required to be expert with HTML in order to set up web pages.


This is the type of editor that is utilized everyday providing lots of speed and control for web designers and developers. Those who completely understand HTML can edit pages more professionally and quickly using this editor.

If you are designing or developing a website, it is necessary to have the best web design software to support. You can make use of this software to your advantage and this guarantee to address all your online needs.

Fonts and Typography


Fonts and typography are crucial components of web design and apparently, most of these web pages contain larger amount of texts. When thinking about designs, you have to keep in mind how text appears on micro level as well as macro level. Micro level I includes font families and font glyphs while the macro level includes texts’ positioning blocks and shape and size adjustments.

Working with Fonts

Most beginners in web design think font as font face, which is actually typeface utilize for typing. But technically speaking, type is all about types from boldness or weight, line height, size and many more. Individuals who are working on design process are probably aware of the means of changing font family and font face using Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. The most typical way that these sheets are utilized is changing fonts of website or web pages. But in order to get the best out of fonts as well as the style sheets, one must learn something about typography and how Cascading Style Sheets or CSS functions with fonts.

Font Families          

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS generally recognizes five font families including Serif, Script, Sans-serif, Monospace and Fantasy. These categories or master lists are viewed to be generic families for the reason that these do not pertain to any particular typeface. If one utilizes these category names in the Cascading Style Sheets or CSS, the browser selects the typeface which is said to be the default of that category in the computer.

Web Typography

If you have been into HTML writing for quite some time now, you are probably familiar with Font tag. This is a deprecated and old tag allowing individuals to set color, font size and family. However, there are some problems associated with Font tag and these are as follows:

  • Font tag does not allow individuals to alter all aspects of the typography, it only allows three.
  • It does not give individuals much flexibility on the supported options.
  • Font tag combines visual representation to the structure of document, making things hard to edit on later time.

The good news is that Cascading Style Sheets or CSS enables you to make your exclusive web typography precise.

Steps in Web Typography

The first step to sound web typography is determining the type of font that you plan to use. The most typical way is defining font family as specific or generic font and then listing various fonts for backups. When done setting the desired font family, you now need to set the most suitable font size. There are several units that you are allowed to utilize with Cascading Style Sheets or CSS fonts. The next step is to pay close attention to colors. You need to choose the most ideal font colors then define these colors in your Cascading Style Sheets or CSS.

One of the ultimate secrets towards significant results in web typography, one should make sure that typography works for him and for the readers. Web typography utilizing CSS offers various flexibility and options and you really need to take full advantages of these.

Graphics and Images


Graphics are what make web pages more fun and exciting. Pictures are worth a thousand words and this is also true when it comes to web design. It is true that graphics and images can add appeal to your site and improve its overall look. However, you need to keep in mind that there are things you need to keep in mind and steps you need to follow in order to make the most of your website images and graphics.

Tips to Consider when Adding Images

In adding image, graphic or icon to a web page, one needs to utilize IMG tag. You put the IMG tag in the HTML where you desire the graphic to be displayed. It is simple and easy to add images and graphics to your online pages. IMG tag got two necessary attributes and these are ALT and SRC. The SRC is responsible of telling the browser about the particular image to display while the ALT pinpoints what to display in cases that images cannot show.

IMG tag got two additional attributes that you can utilize when putting graphics on your web pages. These two attributes are the height and the width. These two given attributes informs the browser about the image’s size. The browser will then know exactly the amount of layout space to allocate. The browser can now proceed to the next element of the web page while downloading the image. Actual dimension of images must be used rather than allowing the browser to resize images for you.

Taking Photos Can Improve Your Site

As you will notice, almost all website are loaded with graphics and images. This is because photos have the ability of improving how your site looks more than what fanciest design can do. However, the opposite is also true. When you got bad image or photo on your website especially if these photos are product photos and logos, you might damage the credibility of your site and lose potential customers. As a result, your sale will also be affected. To make sure that images and graphics will work well for your exclusive site, you can consider the following tips:

  • Knowing the subject of your photo
  • Determining the difference in photographing products
  • Knowing the Most Ideal Background for your Photo
  • Do not forget about the Lighting
  • Keeping in mind the legal details

Advantages of Good Graphics and Images to your Website

Great images and graphics provide enormous advantages that can certainly make your website on top of the competition. Graphics and images are ways of conveying message to prospected audience through visuals. These are also excellent tools for communicating unique message reflected on your site. Great images and graphics are crucial to web design for these help in grabbing attention, building image, increasing sales, improving standing, and many more. Web designers pay close attention to these factors especially when they are dealing with web design process. It would be best to choose and utilize graphics and images that can make your site look more unique and appealing to audience and site users.

Accessibility and Usability


In the context of web design, usability and accessibility are connected to each other. Their guidelines, approaches and goals overlap significantly. It would be best to address these things together in various situations like developing websites. There are some cases wherein it is imperative to distinguish between usability and accessibility such as considering the physical condition of people. It is also important to distinguish usability from accessibility when defining particular accessibility standards.

Understanding Accessibility and Usability

When speaking about website, accessibility pertains to the degree on which site becomes usable to those with disabilities. In several cases, web pages frequently have issues on different groups of people including those visually impaired individuals utilizing screen readers, those who have hearing impairment and are utilizing browser without sound, physically impaired and color blind individuals.

Accessibility is also about ensuring a balanced user experience especially to those with disabilities. In the web, this accessibility means that disabled individuals can understand, interact, perceive and navigate with sites and tools and that these can equally contribute without barriers. Usability, on the other hand, pertains to the process of making a site easy and convenient for internet users to use. This encompasses the site’s heuristics as well as the processes or methods that anyone may use in manipulating the site. A website is said to be usable when users visiting the site can find what exactly they are looking for.

Common Accessibility Errors and Means on How to Fix Them

Lots of people with mobility, hearing and visual impairments use the web daily. Though web designers cannot really do much about the specific hardware that those with disabilities are using, people can strive more to make web pages highly accessible for them. One of the simplest ways in checking page accessibility is by sending this through accessibility validator. This is responsible for checking the HTML and redisplaying page with particular images which serve as annotations that help anyone determine where their pages may be inaccessible.

There are common errors in accessibility that people may come across with. However, there are effective ways on how to fix them. These errors along with the corresponding solutions are outlined below:

  • Missing text description alternative- Never forget about the alternative text in your image tag. This helps individuals who utilize screen readers determine what the images really are. This is also helpful for individuals viewing the site with the images off.
  • that lack frames version-Include the non-frame version of your exclusive frame pages on top-level frameset. Pages with completely replicated non-frame versions are more accessible.
  • Image map’s missing text description alternative-You need to place an “alt-text” in HTML tags or this helps individuals having screen readers determine where exactly image map will take them.

These are just few of the common accessibility errors but the thing is, there are possible means on how to rectify them. Usability and accessibility are vital aspects in web designs and these should work hand in hand in order to provide individuals with unrivalled user experience.

Successful Web Design – Tips


Today, many people are using internet for various reasons. It is so helpful because through it, searching of many things become easier. Searching for business, people and or products are made easier because of the internet, and with the use of websites. Many people, especially online business owners uses website, it is so vital that through it searching for them re made even easier. If the customers do not know the exact name of your company or products by using website they can easily locate it.

Because of the success of online business, the competition on some of the business owner becomes even tougher. In order to gain customer, you should also know how to compete with others. A website to become more attractive on for the customers it should have the complete information and at the same time, it should have a good Web design. To improve web trafficking, content web designs are also one of the factor to consider if you are on the online business.

Tips for a Successful Web Design:

  • Be creative and use your imagination- To create a good design for your web page, it is essential that you must be creative. Most people are attracted to those websites that have a beautiful design. That is why in order to gain clients you should know how to be creative and modernized. Choosing attractive text, layouts, and images are the best things to do to have a successful web designs.
  • Users don’t read the entire content of the page. But rather, they just do the scanning technique in a way that they just read the important information of the content. If you were to design your webpage, make sure to highlight that significant information and write it on a way that it will be easy to read and it should be written in an informative way.
  • Include tagline on your webpage. It can be in a form of a motto or statement that represent and describe the company. Remember that it should be in one phrase only, but it should be written in a way that it can describe and can easily capture the attention of the browser.
  • Use site maps. It can be a very helpful tool that can improve the web page navigation and SEO. It can represent the content of website page and its architecture.
  • Create a meaningful feedbacks can create a good communication between the site and the user. Through feedbacks the users can write their comments and suggestion on a site, the site owners can use the feedbacks to improve the content of the webpage. If they gain positive feedbacks, they can use it as a proof of the good services that they have and at the same time trough it thy can gain more customers.

Other than having a good design that will suit on your company’s brands and content, you should also keep in mind the persons who will use it. With this, having a successful web design can be reached easily.


Short History of Photoshop Software


Photoshop is one of the helpful tools that is use to enhance the color and the designs of an image. This has been used by many web designers because it was useful in improving web page design. The idea of Photoshop came from a one gifted family, the member that became part of creating a Photoshop have different careers in life. It consists of PHD engineering student, engineering professor, and a talented special effects whiz. Thomas Knoll was the PHD Student while Glenn Knoll was the college professor and John Knoll is the one that is working at Industrial Light and magic.

In order to help Thomas on his thesis, he bought a brand new Apple Mac Plus, but he noticed that it could not display a grayscale images on the monochrome monitor. During that time, John was also working on image processing ILM. When he came to visit Thomas, he was so impressed with his progress. That is why they combine to their ideas and build a team. They combine their subroutines into an application called ‘’Display’’. John buys color Macintosh II and asks Thomas to re-write display for color images. Thomas was so happy with this because through it he is able to develop new features, balancing of colors and saturation controls and so the Display was renamed into Image pro in 1988.

That time the two brothers realize to sell it to the public and when the time came, those they about to search for investors they changed the name of the software into Photoshop. The only company that became interested in Photoshop is Adobe, but because the deal that they have with the company is not feasible that they think to have short term deal with the scanner manufacturer. They able to collaborate with scanners under the name Braneyscan XP, but they went back to Adobe and convince the company to take Photoshop and so it was first released in February 1990 with the version 1.0.

  • Photoshop 2.0 was released in June 1991
  • Photoshop 2.5 – was released in November 1992
  • Photoshop 3.0 -was released on September 1994
  • Photoshop 4.0 – November 1996
  • Photoshop- 5.0 – May 1998
  • Photoshop 5.5 – February 1999
  • Photoshop 6.0 – September 2000
  • Photoshop 7.0 – March 2002
  • Photoshop 7.0.1 – August 2002
  • Photoshop CS 8.0 – October 2003
  • Photoshop CS2 9.0 – April 2005
  • Photoshop CS3 – April 2007
  • Photoshop CS4 – October 2008
  • Photoshop CS5 – April 2010
  • Photoshop CS5.1 – May 2011
  • Photoshop CS6 – May 2012

These shown how Photoshop evolve and developed through the years, and now it became more popular and useful to many people. Because of its usefulness in providing a more beautiful images, effects, color, and animation it is one of the most widely used by many web designers to improve the layouts or images of every web content. As it becomes more improved, it provides a better and more efficient use to many people especially on those designers, editors, and computer enthusiast.